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A wide selection of Australian and foreign titles are available at discount prices to members from our Book Steward, Steve Liberatos.

Service Items

The items listed below are available to members from our Services Steward, Barry Brain



Plastic Rings

Available in 2.00mm, 2.50mm, 4.10mm


Plain Colours  $3.00  (12 colours)

Numbered Colours  $5.00  (12 colours)

Striped  $5.00


Open Aluminium Rings

Available in 4.10mm, 4.60mm, 5.60mm, 6.10mm, 7.30mm


Plain Numbered  $3.50

Coloured, Numbered  $5.00   (6 colours)


Closed Aluminium Rings

Available in 4.10mm, 4.60mm, 5.60mm, 6.10mm, 7.30mm, 8.70mm, 9.60mm, 11.00mm


Coloured, Numbered  $5.00  (6 colours)


Postage for all rings is $2.00


The following is a guide only:

2.00mm            Small Finches, African Fire, Orangebreast, Zebra, Doublebar, Wrens

2.50mm            Large Finches, Gouldian, Bengalese, Chestnut, Smaller Canaries

4.10mm            All Neophemas, Budgerigar, Diamond Dove, Java, Button-Quail

4.60mm            Lovebirds, Little and Purple-Crowned Lorikeets, Hooded, Fig Parrot

5.60mm            Cockatiel, Small Rosellas, Mulga, Blue Bonnet, Swift, Kakariki

6.10mm            Eastern, Northern and Pale-Headed Rosellas, Plumhead

7.30mm            Indian Ringneck, King, Superb, Rainbow Lorikeet

8.7mm  Derbyan, Moustache, Port Lincoln, Alexandrine

9.50mm            Gang Gang Cockatoo

11.00mm           Major Mitchell, Corellas, Eclectus, African Grey


Other Items
Birdwormer Avitrol Plus 100gm. $20 plus $3.00 postage
Thermostats. For hospital cages, brooders reptile box, insect cages etc Current rating 7.5 amps temperature range +/- 2.0 deg. C $55, postage $5.
"Ketch-All" Multiple Catch mousetrap - $46 Postage $6 Victoria $8 other states
Society Badge $5
Loose leaf Cover Strong Folder with holding device to hold 2 year's "Australian Aviculture" Journal $8 postage $3.50.
Syringes 1mm, 5mm, 10mm 3 for $2
Egg-candler. High itensity torch and optic fibre probe $34 Postage $4

Calcium cake 500 gm $4.00
Mineral Block 500gm. $3.50
Calcium Syrup $15..00
I.D. Yeast $15.00

A complete range of Passwell and Wombaroo products is available with prices on application. This includes a large range crumbles, pellets, hand rearing food, finch soft food, canary starter, insectivore mixes and a range of other related products. Order with a group of friends and reduce postage costs.





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