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Membership of the Avicultural Society of Australia will enable members to advertise on this page and to use the services of the exchange steward to provide phone contacts for the buying and selling of birds and to have their requirements advertised  through the magazine. Buyers and sellers must acquaint themselves with the licensing requirements of the state in which they live and also the requirements for moving birds between the states.   

Guide to Bird Prices Nov 2005
The price guide for 2005 has been published in the November issue of Australian Aviculture. Due to a printing error, the following foreign parrot prices were omitted:

Alexandrine            $350 Black-headed Caique        $12,000
Derbyan              $2,000 Eclectus, New Guinea          $1,200
Plum-headed          $300 Slaty-headed                           $600

Crested Bronze-winged Pigeons should have an "L" indicating the need for a DSE licence.

Our printer apologises for the omissions and regret any inconvenience they have caused.

New members receive a copy in their New Member's Kit upon joining.This is a recommended price list for aviary species held in Australia and members use this as a useful reference for trading. Prices are invariably lower than commercial prices.