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 Wednesday 21st December at 8pm at the Box Hill Central Uniting  Church Hall, corner of Whitehorse Road and Bruce Street, Box Hill (Melway ref 47 C9).


An Informal Evening of Members’ digital photos

Plus a special Christmas Raffle and Supper.




Over 120 people enjoyed a Panel Discussion ably hosted by Rob Meneilly and lead by Jim Bennet, Michael Jensen, Colin Joyce and Anthony Smircic. A large range of topics were covered including safety doors, feeding (including livefood), aviary directions, finch traps, health issues and compatibility. The audience thanked our panel for a most practical and thought-provoking evening.

The mini-feature was conducted by avian veterinarian, Dr Colin Walker BVSc, who spoke about avian influenza and the media frenzy that seems to accompany this disease. Colin noted that there is none in Australia and the danger to people will only become evident if the virus mutates to become human to human transmissable. This allayed many people’s concerns.

Competitions: Trevor Baxter won 20kg of seed donated by Mackay's Bayside Produce as the Lucky Door Prize. The Lucky Name Badge Prize of a $20 voucher sponsored by ABC Birds Springvale, was won by Colin Smith. The Monthly Raffle’s first prize, a family pass to Healesville Sanctuary was won by John Clow. Charlie Mizzi won the second prize of a pair of orange-breasted waxbills with carry cage while third prize, four copies of Cage & Aviary Birds newspaper went to Charlie Hibbert. Ken Weeks won a tub of mealworms for fourth prize.

General Business included the Services Steward vacancy to be filled, eradicating flies and ants in the aviary and the new venue for the Melbourne Bird Sale in 2006

Meeting closed for supper and the usual bird banter!.


President: John Buchan,      Vice-presidents (2): Rob Meneilly, one outstanding, Secretary: Susie Anderson, Assistant Secretary: Tom De Graaff, Treasurer: Fiona Anderson, Editor: Graeme Hyde, Committee (6): Jim Bennet, Lou Dall’Est, Stephanie Gough, Michael Jensen, Charlie Mizzi, Warwick Remington. All nominations were elected unopposed. One position of Vice-president is to be filled as per the constitution as a casual vacancy at the next meeting: verbal nominations and election on the night.

Nominations for Vice-president 2006: Ian Grant and Warwick Remington were nominated by Rob Meneilly. Warwick Remington was successful in the ballot.

Nominations for Committee 2006: Two committee vacancies have occurred since the last meeting. Firstly, the election of Warwick Remington to vice-president creates a casual committee vacancy. Secondly, one nomination last month was invalid due to Michael Jensen not being in membership. Next meeting the Society will seek to fill these two vacancies.


President, John Buchan ran another of these titled traps for beginners. It was well-attended and some great discussions took place.


This document authored by the VAC, (Victorian Avicultural Council) is available as a Word document HERE.


The 17 persons listed in the November issue of the journal were accepted into membership. In welcoming these new members Chairman John Buchan invited them to avail themselves of all the services that the Society offered to its members.


At the December meeting, Tom De Graaff announced two recipients of meritorious Avi-awards for 2004.

Wal Hacking has been re-uniting lost birds with their owners for over a decade. He houses feeds and cares for stray birds and returns them to their owners whenever possible. During the 1980s, Wal - a former policeman - also investigated many of the bird thefts that were taking place in Victoria at the time. He was very much involved in bringing a number to justice and exposing the involvement of Troy Richmond in a number of such thefts.

Tom Hunter is an early member of our Western District branch. He has been active in that branch for many years and is currently president.


Office-bearers and Committee elected are (listed alphabetically)

President: John Buchan

Vice-Presidents (2): Rob Meneilly; Warwick Remington.
Susie Anderson.
Assistant Secretary: Tom De Graaff. 
Graeme Hyde. 
Fiona Anderson.
Committee (6):
Jim Bennet, Lou Dall’Est, Stephanie Gough, Charlie Mizzi and two vacancies.

OUR JOURNAL - Australian Aviculture

The latest journal includes original articles about the birds we breed plus notes, members' advertisements, reports of activities and advice in bird keeping.  A stunning Cyril Laubscher photograph adorns the front cover.

There are book reviews plus an article on the goldfinch, aviary plants, use of crop needles and more!

DONATIONS FOR RAFFLES – especially the Christmas Hamper!!!

If you wish to donate an item to any of our regular raffles, please contact our raffle co-ordinator, Gael Mizzi (03) 9544 6159 or raffle assistant, Bonnie Woodyard (03) 9398 2330.


Our president, John Buchan, secretary, Susie Anderson and editor, Graeme Hyde receive calls from members of the general public who are trying to find a breeder they can contact for the purchasing of a pet bird. The usual enquiries are for budgerigars and canaries. However, other species are sought at times vis cockatiels, galahs, corellas, eclectus, conures etc. If you are a member, please contact John Buchan (03) 9802 8998 and register. We need your name, phone number(s) and species. Only first names and phone numbers will be given out. If you are not a member, you may wish to avail yourself of this service.


This facility will be opened from 10.00am to about 4.00pm on the last Sunday in every month.                               SEE YOU THERE !!!

A number of magazines have been prepared for people to examine on site and use for reference. These included magazines from Australia and overseas. Such a reference library is being built that will rival any in the world!

Service Items, books and avicultural fellowship for all to enjoy!

Regular beginners’ avicultural workshops are currently being held at this venue.


The price guide for 2006 has been compiled and published in the September issue. Submissions are now closed.


A mini bird sale is held at the monthly meeting in Box Hill. This initiative is proving to be very popular. Members may buy and sell birds before and after the meeting but there are several conditions. Members must abide by the code of practice relating to the caging of birds and they must be non licensed birds. These sales are conducted under the usual rules for conducting a Bird Sale.


If you are a member who is interested in some special aspects of the Society, then there are subcommittees or groups that may be formed from time to time to manage various aspects of the society such as meetings, website, membership, bird sale and journal. Please contact the secretary if you are interested.


The monthly meetings of the society are held in Melbourne at the Box Hill Central Uniting  Church Hall on the corner of Whitehorse Road and Bruce Street, Box Hill (Melway reference 47 C9). Currently, the Avicultural Society of Australia meets at 8.00pm on the third Wednesday of the month. This a heated venue with wheelchair access and ample free car parking. The meetings feature guest speakers, color slide and digital presentations and topics of interest relating to aviary birds.

Avicultural accessories and bird books are available at reduced prices for members. The Society Exchange Steward is in attendance where members list their excess birds for sale and requirements. Supper is provided free at the conclusion of the meetings and visitors are always welcome. A limited number of birds presented by members are benched for sale starting at 7p.m. and continuing after the meeting at approximately 11p.m.

Recent meetings have featured presentations on cockatiels, hand-rearing, keeping finches in cooler climates, bird health issues and incubating and rearing quail.

Some of the main features of our monthly meetings include:

 Books for sale: Over 30 Australian titles plus overseas publications at affordable prices,

 Service items for sale: The sales table opens at 7.30pm. with a wide range of goods to meet your avicultural needs at prices well below retail levels. Members who use this service  or the mail order service would find that the savings they make should easily cover the cost of the annual membership.                          

Raffle and Lucky Door Prizes: Courtesy of Mackay's Bayside Produce, every month 20kg of seed is given away as a door prize. A second draw is held for a voucher donated by ABC Birds, and can only be won by wearing a name badge, which is available at the door. Name badges enhance the friendly atmosphere of the meeting.

Bird Exchange Steward: This is a free member service for the Exchange, Sale and Wanted Notices. The Exchange Steward is in attendance at all monthly meetings.

Bird Sales: Bird sales are held throughout the year at various venues. Full details of these are published in our monthly journal Australian Aviculture. In addition to these, a mini bird sale is held at the monthly meeting in Box Hill. This initiative is proving to be very popular. Members may buy and sell birds before and after the meeting but there are several conditions. Members must abide by the code of practice relating to the caging of birds and they must be non licensed birds.






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