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The Avicultural Society of Australia supports its members in the breeding and conservation of aviary held birds including psittacines (parrots, parakeets, grass parrots, cockatiels, cockatoos, lorikeets, lovebirds) finches (waxbills, grassfinches, true finches, grassquits, cardinals, weavers and whydahs), waterfowl (ducks and geese), ground birds (pheasants, quail and partridge) plus softbills (wrens, chats, bulbuls, thrushes and many more!). It covers all species of bird except those domesticated breeds that are bred specifically for food production, showing or racing. It has nearly 2000 members throughout Australia and overseas. Monthly meetings are held in Melbourne and at various branches.

Every full member receives the monthly journal Australian Aviculture. It contains a comprehensive range of articles of interest to aviculturists written by both Australian and international aviculturists and veterinarians.  Members may contribute to or place free advertisements in our journal by contacting the editor, Graeme Hyde, 80 Harris Road, Elliminyt, Victoria 3250, Phone [03] 5231 4510, Email editorasa@primus.com.au.

The Society and its Branches

•  hold annual bird sales,

•  organise aviary visits,

•  run seminars

•  provide a range of avian items for purchase at extremely competitive prices

•  facilitate the meeting of private buyers and sellers of birds

•  generate a range of other activities that encourage, support and educate aviculturists.

•  provide a library of videos and books for loan to members.

This web site contains many of the features of Australian Aviculture. The Society invites people who are interested in aviculture and wish to expand their interests and knowledge to join.



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